Built in Boston

Built In Boston’s 50 Startups to Watch in 2019

While Boston may owe its tech legacy to industries like robotics and medicine, the city and its leading businesses certainly aren’t dwelling in the past.

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RutterBoston-Based Cybersecurity Companies You Need to Know About

While Silicon Valley may be the first place people think of when it comes to technology companies, the Boston area is home to some cybersecurity companies that can be useful for organizations looking to add to their security portfolio.

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TechBeacon ImageHow osquery Can Lift Your Security Team's Game 

Peering into an organization's IT infrastructure in real time is essential to security analysts searching for malicious activity. One tool that does just that—and that's gaining popularity among DevSecOps practitioners: osquery.

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dark reading logoSecurity Analytics Startup Uptycs Raises $10M in Series A

Uptycs today announced $10 million in a Series A investment led by Comcast Ventures and ForgePoint Capital. The Boston-based startup provides a security analytics platform which runs on osquery, a universal open-source endpoint agent.

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trail of bitsHow Are Teams Currently Using osquery?

In the year since we ported osquery to Windows, the operating system instrumentation and endpoint monitoring agent has attracted a great deal of attention in the open-source community and beyond. In fact, it recently received the 2017 O’Reilly Defender Award for best project. 

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venture beat 2Uptycs raises $10 million for its security analytics platform

Uptycs has raised $10 million for its security analytics platform that uses osquery, a universal open source endpoint agent.

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Comcast, ForgePoint Pump $10M Into Security Analytics Startup Uptycs

Uptycs is starting to make some noise. Today, the two-year-old cybersecurity startup announced a $10 million Series A funding round to help expand its team and advance its security analytics software.

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Cloud-Scale Endpoint Interrogation

Just a few short years ago, endpoint security always meant endpoint security – including signature, behavioral, and learning-based protection for PCs, laptops, servers, mobile devices, and even IoT devices. 

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