Uptycs Demo: Securing Remote Workers and Cloud Workloads for Comprehensive Security Visibility at Scale

With employees moving home and workloads moving into the cloud, security teams are realizing they need a different set of tools to help keep laptops configured safely, monitor activity outside of the corporate network, and maintain visibility both for workloads running in the cloud, as well as services and users accessing those cloud environments. These trends are generating a demand for security visibility at scale, and the Uptycs solution fits the bill to address these needs. The Uptycs Security Analytics Platform makes it easy for organizations to get visibility remotely into their productivity endpoints (macOS, Windows) and their production endpoints (Linux, Containers/Kubernetes) on cloud providers (AWS). Watch this demo to learn how Uptycs can help: 

  • Solve for intrusion detection, threat hunting, incident investigation, and audit and compliance use cases with a universal agent & structured data approach

  • Maintain and monitor cloud and endpoint compliance policies

  • Audit access of services and users tapping into your AWS environment

  • Enable employees to keep their devices securely configured at home with daily checks and instructional prompts sent via Slack

  • Identify and surface suspicious activity within a MITRE ATT&CK dashboard