Uptycs for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

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Defense for your Macs

Power of the community

In addition to 100+ traditional threat intelligence sources, Uptycs brings the power of the security community to the defense of your Mac OS X infrastructure. Researchers at Uptycs, Facebook and an active community of security experts who use osquery are routinely creating and updating queries to help with securing OS X systems that are neglected by the majority of the security industry.

Designed for Containers

Native support for your Docker Containers

Uptycs-contributed extensions to osquery allow us to collect critical metrics and runtime information from containers without requiring an agent inside the containers. The Uptycs for EDR solution then operates on these metrics to identify intrusion attempts against your containers.

100% SaaS solution

Deploy to production in minutes

With Uptycs 100% SaaS solution, there is no complex server and storage infrastructure to provision, configure, and manage. Just deploy the simple osquery agent to all your Macs and be in production across your enterprise in minutes.


SaaS Solution


Endpoints per Instance


Built in Queries


Threat Intel Sources



Supporting Trusted Infrastructure Services