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    Instantly Discover Your Log4j Vulnerable Assets, for Free

    Kick-off your Log4j remediation process, or double-check your initial fixes, by using this self-service tool to quickly and easily scan your macOS, Linux, Windows, and container environments for vulnerable Log4j assets. Scale up to 5000 assets for 30-days.

    How it Works

    The Uptycs osquery-based sensor immediately begins capturing telemetry from your macOs, Windows, Linux, and container workloads. See real-time data as Uptycs scans your fleet for Log4j instances, with the capability of scanning into uber and shaded .jar files. Whether you’re still struggling with inventorying Log4j or looking to confirm your own investigation results with confidence, get started using the Uptycs Free Log4j Vulnerability Assessment Tool.

    Uptycs Log4j Softward Downloads

    Download and Deploy

    First step is downloading and deploying the osquery-based agent. After an osquery package is installed on an endpoint, it enrolls with the Uptycs cloud, runs a set of scheduled queries on the endpoint, and immediately sends the data to the cloud.

    Uptycs Log4j tracker dashboard

    Get Results and Begin Remediation

    Telemetry is collected to give real-time visibility into your enrolled asset fleet, giving you a clear picture of your Log4j exposure. Investigate your assets by OS, log4j package version, vulnerable versions, and more.

    Get Started Now

    Schedule your demo of the Uptycs Cloud-Native Security Analytics Platform and see how Uptycs can help you protect and defend across modern attack surfaces.