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    April 24, 2023 | San Francisco

    Request an in-person meeting with us at the CSA Summit 2023 to learn how Uptycs Unified CNAPP and XDR secures your Cloud environment.

    Attackers Don’t Think In Silos and Neither Should You

    When Kubernetes and container deployments scale up, it becomes difficult to inventory and monitor your fleet. To solve your problems around Kubernetes and container workflows, the Uptycs unified CNAPP and XDR solution offers a single place to get clear visibility across your container assets. You can also see your compliance posture, identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, and detect threats in real-time. You can unify security management from build stage through to runtime deployments.

    Uptycs offers Kubernetes security posture management (KSPM) and cloud workload protection (CWPP) to cover a broad range of security use-cases, and the flexibility to rapidly add more given the breadth and depth of telemetry:

    • Visibility
    • Vulnerability management
    • Registry scanning
    • Policy audit / enforcement
    • Compliance
    • Threat detection
    • Remediation and forensics

    Schedule your 1:1 product demo with our security experts!

    Request Your In-Person Meeting with Uptycs at the CSA Summit 2023

    FinTech Anon Case Study Thumbnail

    Case Study: Payment Processor Streamlines Threat Detection and Response

    As a fast-growing organization processing billions of dollars in transactions, risk reduction is of paramount importance to this payment processing solution vendor.

    Download our case study to learn how this SaaS-based company used the Uptycs Security Analytics Platform to secure over 2,000 macOS workstations and 15,000 Ubuntu Linux servers on AWS.

    Benefits summary:

    • Security observability at scale
    • Analyze behavioral changes or anomalies
    • Detection-as-code automation
    Click here to download

    As a cloud-based company running on AWS, finding a platform to solve all of our security needs across all of our accounts and services was a top priority. Finding a single solution that could solve for audit and inventory of our cloud assets, as well as endpoint detection and response, was a challenge—until we found Uptycs. Now we're able to do more with less, and save time, while maintaining a strong cloud security posture.

    Kevin Paige

    CISO, Flexport

    We can detect really, really fast: 0.7 seconds from execution to detection, and 1.6 seconds from execution to case management alert.

    Security Engineer, Global Financial Services Company